The fastest firing weapon in Apex Legends, the R-99 is well known for its fast time to kill ability.

Is the 3030 repeater good? The 30-30 Repeater hasn’t burst into the top of the current Apex Legends weapons meta by any means, but its power as a damage-farming tool and long-range poking device makes it a worthy weapon in capable hands.

Is the R-99 good in Apex? The R-99 is feared and coveted by a majority of Apex Legends players, rightly so as the fastest-firing gun in the game. This quick and deadly SMG is capable of tearing apart a full armoured opponent in less than a second, provided you hit your shots.

What gun is the R99 based on?

size: 20.5 cm /8.1  » design based on R99 gun light rifle and attention to detail, has a removable maganize, very fun to play.

Product information.

Package Dimensions 7.4 x 2.4 x 0.6 inches
Customer Reviews 4.6 out of 5 stars 22 ratings 4.6 out of 5 stars
Mfg Recommended age 12 year and up

What is the slowest killing gun in Apex?

Of course, the Kraber has an immediate kill with a headshot, but you still need to line that up with the crosshairs. Perhaps unsurprisingly, eddygCPA and bears_say_meow found that the Mozambique has the slowest time-to-kill out of all the weapons. The shotgun clocks in with a 1.36-second timing.

Why is it called 30-30 repeater? The name is a reference to the . 30-30 Winchester cartridge used by the Winchester Model 1894 rifle, on which the weapon’s design is based. The 30-30 Repeater is one of the only two weapons in the game to reload one bullet at a time, the other one being the Mastiff Shotgun.

Is the G7 scout a sniper? Once a light sniper rifle, then a semi-auto Assault Rifle, and now a punchy Marksman Weapon, the Scout is a surprisingly powerful gun in Apex Legends.

How much damage does the 3030 do in Apex? A charged-up headshot with the 30-30 will deal 100 damage, while a non-charged headshot will deal 74. A charged-up hit to the body will deal 57 damage and a non-charged shot to the body will deal 42 damage.

Is alternator better than r99?

The Alternator has a higher win rate than the R-99—but just because it’s an early-game gun, according to developer. Lead game designer Daniel Klein shared some insight into the statistics of the two weapons. The Alternator has a higher encounter win rate than the R-99 in Apex Legends.

Is the R301 or r99 better? The R-301 is 202 better than the R99, so definitely the 301. Well they fulfil different roles. They are both great at shredding shields because they shoot light rounds but the r301 can do so from short, medium and semi long range and so is one of the best guns in the game.

Is R301 better than r99?

The R301 is a stable, easy-to use weapon. For an assault rifle, it’s a little bit light on damage, but it’s still suitable, and it makes up for this with it’s rate of fire. The R99 fills it’s role perfectly. It excels at it’s ROF, which is what an SMG needs.

Is the kraber a real gun? Trivia. The Kraber’s name is a reference to Erik Kraber, the audio lead of Titanfall. The weapon is most likely based off the South African NTW-20 and the Indian Vidhwansak, both are multi-calibers (using 12,7×108, 14,5×114 and various 20mm shells) anti-materiel rifles.

Is there a shotgun pistol?

Yes, this really exists. One of the most interesting trends in the world of handguns is the revolver than first not only handgun ammunition but also shotgun shells. The ability to shoot both high-powered handgun ammo above . 40 caliber and small caliber shotgun shells makes these revolvers far more versatile than most.

What gun is the wingman?

Rate of fire 156 RPM
Projectile speed 18000 UPS
Manufacturer Brockhaurd Manufacturing
Weapon ID mp_weapon_wingman

What is the R99 TTK? The R99 does 11 bodyshot damage and 15 headshot damage. This is less than the CAR SMG. As a result the R99 time to kill is as follows; Body Shots: 21 Shots to kill, 1.11s TTK. Head Shots: 15 Shots to kill, 0.78s TTK.

What does TTK mean in Apex? An Apex Legends fan has taken the time to break down every single weapon’s time-to-kill (TTK) for Season 6, all the way from the lowly Mozambique to the deadly R-99.

How much health do you start with on Apex?

In Apex Legends, players have a base health of 100, and since the devs decided to implement starting loot, players now drop into the map with a white shield on top of that. Each section of the shield adds 25 health to your Legend, which is how much a shield cell will heal you.

How does the mastiff work apex? It fires 8 pellets in the shape of a horizontal line, which decreases in width while aiming down the sights, reducing the spread and thus increasing accuracy.

What does charging the 3030 do?

Charging up increases the damage to 57 on bodyshots and 100 on headshots—enough to take out an unarmored target (provided they’re not Caustic or Gibraltar). The 30-30 excels at providing “extended precision covering fire,” as Canavese called it, instead of more spammy (and weaker) shots from the G7.

Which is better wingman or 30-30 repeater? Wingman has less rocoil and 4 more damage without the 3030 charge up. Wingman also reloads faster and has best ads strafe speed.

Is Triple Take better than Longbow?

The Longbow has way better damage consistency. The Triple Take can deal upto 69 damage per shot with the Precision Choke equipped. Without the Choke however it’s damage at range is only about 20–25. Meaning that killing someone with Level 3 or above Armor requires 8–10 shots.

Is the car coming to Apex? NEW WEAPON – The CAR SMG is coming…

 » A flexible weapon, the C.A.R. SMG is the gun for when you’re ready to make a stand and become the last Legend still standing. » Following the latest Stories from the Outlands short, Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that Apex Legends Season 11 is going to feature the CAR SMG.

What ammo does kraber use?

Kraber .50-Cal Sniper
Type Sniper
Fire modes Single
Ammo type Supply Drop Sniper Ammo
Rate of fire 25 RPM

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