Best Apex Legends Players: NRG Ace

The Wraith main who carried NRG to glory on more than one occasion, Brandon Winn can pull off some immaculate long-shots and is an ace with his snipers and pistols.

Who is number 1 Wraith? Twitch streamer Apryze becomes first PC player to hit 100,000 kills in Apex Legends. The Wraith main boasts an astounding 9.08 KDA. One PC player made Apex Legends history yesterday. Twitch streamer Apryze became the first PC player to hit 100,000 kills in Respawn’s battle royale, according to Apex.tracker.gg.

How many kills does Zylbrad? The gameplay itself was quite hectic but eventually, the YouTuber managed to rack up over 272 kills during his final attempt, although the servers did not hold up too well after the last kill, with an error popping up on his screen. “Server shutting down – Internal server error,” he read aloud, “No, did that count?

Who has the most kills with Pathfinder?

Mortveus’ win is followed by Denmark’s « Badoli » with 39 Pathfinder kills.

Who has most kills with Wraith?

All Platforms Kills Leaderboard

Rank Player Kills
1 WillLluminati24 149,437
2 Sheesh_Apryze 134,126
3 RevKors 133,148
4 apryze 127,941

What team does Apryze play for? Anthony « Apryze » Andrade (born January 19, 1999) is an American player who is currently a streamer for Complexity Gaming.

Is Zylbrad a guy? Bradley, better known online as Zylbrad, is an Australian gaming YouTuber who uploads CS:GO, PUBG, Sea of Thieves, Apex Legends, and Overwatch gameplay videos.

Where is Zylbrad? Where is Zylbrad Now? Zylbrad, born as Bradley is an Australian YouTuber and gamer born in Australia.

Who has the most kills with Pathfinder in Apex?


  • 7,369.
  • 1,389.

Who has the most wins in Apex? All Platforms Season 12 Wins Leaderboard

Rank Player Season 12 Wins
1 ttv-flacoscott 1,206
2 raito29_ch 1,170
3 Wyifu 1,006
4 LeRy_ 980

What is the highest damage game in Apex?

Japanese YouTuber RakyThought clocked 10864 damage in a single match, which broke Apex Legends’ damage world record that was set by popular Twitch streamer iiTzTimmy. The previous Apex Legends damage record was set by iiTzTimmy in a solo game where he managed to get over 9000 damage.

Who has the most kills with octane? All Platforms Kills Leaderboard

Rank Player Kills
1 xItzAimzy 78,775
2 DancingYodaa 74,836
3 vrementv 71,350
4 InsanePumpkin_TV 68,365

Who has most kills in Apex?

All Platforms Kills Leaderboard

Rank Player Kills
1 Imshleepdawg 223,088
2 ABUSING_R2 218,903
3 MaddBrooo 211,399
4 FEUFPS_TTV 205,088

Who is the best Apex Legends player in the world?

1. Albralelie. Mac “Albralelie” Beckwith (born September 13, 2000) is an American player who is currently a streamer for TSM. He is one of the best Apex Legends players in the world.

How old is Imperialhal? ImperialHal

Name Phillip Dosen
Country of Birth United States
Birthday May 31, 1999 ( age 22 )

What is Nicewiggs name? Jack « NiceWigg » Martin (born May 5, 1997) is an American player who is currently a streamer for 100 Thieves.

Where is NRG rogue from?

Tanner « Rogue » Trebb (born November 29, 1995) is a Canadian player who is currently streaming for NRG.

What is Trunooms name? Luke Burns, better known as TruNoom or just Tru, is an Australian gaming YouTuber known for his videos on VRChat and Apex Legends.

Who is Shenpai?

Shenpai is a Youtuber and Twitch streamer from Germany. She is a digital artist and a massive Japanese anime fan. She mostly posts speed paint and anime-related video on Youtube. Her youtube channel has more than 775k subscribers at the moment.

Does Zylbrad have Instagram? Zylbrad (@therealzylbrad) • Instagram photos and videos.

Who is toddy quest?

Todd, better known online as Toddy Quest is an Australian gaming YouTuber.

Does Zylbrad have a discord? so i got a discord for only the trashiest players who wanna potentially join a future custom game (might be two weeks or more lol who knows). https://discord.gg/Q2XxmEk9XZ Also lemme know ur rank for research purposes..

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